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5 May, 2021

Changes to store, same friendly service at IGA Wamuran

IGA Wamuran has been ringing the changes in recent weeks with new floors, counters, lighting, drawers, shelves, a flower stand and a giftware stand.

Staff members Kim Hall, Taylah Zardo and Breanna Hall are enjoying the changes at IGA Wamuran.

New carpet at the entrance has been another feature.

With the store open every day, even on public holidays, the staff are becoming familiar with upwards of 400 and sometimes close to 500 clients on most days.

Kim Hall and Brett Rigby took over the reins of the store in August 2019, with Ms Hall previously running a Baker’s Delight while Mr Rigby had been in the emergency services and mining sectors, freelance photography and the Rural Fire Service.

While the majority of clients have been locals, Mr Rigby said there were also passers-through as the supermarket was on the highway.

Despite the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic on a global scale, Mr Rigby felt that the COVID-19 situation “has been fairly good to us”.

“We didn’t have a big drama with toilet paper like a lot of outlets did,” he said, although he noted that sanitisers and cleaning products had been in high demand.

Mr Rigby placed an emphasis on creating opportunities for locals, referring to local strawberries and raspberries as well as local flowers and giftware.

Mr Rigby said the feedback from locals had been great with regard to the changes, while the continuing hot food and takeaway service gave “another opportunity to entice the customer in”.

While appreciative of the positive feedback so far, Mr Rigby said the staff always welcomed suggestions of how to improve things.

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