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3 November, 2021

Frecklington backs mobile clinics for Somerset

Deb Frecklington, State MP for Nanango, has backed calls for mobile vaccination clinics to be used in the Somerset region.

Nanango MP Deb Frecklington supports the call for mobile vaccination clinics in the Somerset region.

Mrs Frecklington supported Somerset Regional Council Mayor Graeme Lehmann's call for the mobile clinics, saying the ageing population in the Somerset needed assistance to get vaccinated.

"There was a time when the only Queensland Health vaccination clinic in the Nanango electorate was in Cherbourg, leaving many constituents unable to access vaccinations," Mrs Frecklington said.

With many small villages throughout the region, Mrs Frecklington said Cr Lehmann's suggestion was a 'practical' solution to the problem.

"Both Cr Lehmann and I support vaccination and urge our residents to get vaccinated, but Queensland Health must help by providing access.

"A mobile clinic is ideal, Queensland Health has expertise in this with the mobile breast screen vans, why not repurpose one of those, or offer a joint service, with breast screens and vaccinations offered at the same time."

Mrs Frecklington was singled out by the Premier in Parliament last week, being told 'the best thing the Member for Nanango could do is tell her constituents to get vaccinated'.

"The is fine for the Premier to say, but her Government must then provide locations for them to get vaccinated."

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