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11 October, 2021

Frecklington calls out Government for ignoring Somerset

The State Government has forgotten the Somerset region over the new home Quarantine system, said Deb Frecklington, State MP for Nanango.

Deb Frecklington says Somerset has been forgotten by the State Government over the home quarantine plan

Mrs Frecklington said the exclusion of the Somerset and Lockyer from the trial is extremely disappointing.

“People from the Somerset and Lockyer have been completely overlooked to be a part of this quarantine trial,” Mrs Frecklington said.

“These regions are both less than two hours from Brisbane and are largely rural.

“It is difficult to accept, especially as the State Government have been including our communities in the south-east Queensland COVID-19 restrictions for some time now.

“This is just another example of the State Government disregarding the Somerset and Lockyer when it suits them,” Deb said.

Member for Lockyer, Jim McDonald said, “Our community has shared the pain of lockdowns and restrictions, but are now getting no benefit from this sensible home quarantine trial.”

“Our rural communities are spacious and in fact provide the ideal location for home quarantine,” Mr McDonald said.

“We call on the Labor Government to do the right thing and extend the home quarantine trial to the Somerset and Lockyer areas,” Deb said.

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