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17 June, 2021

Get Chopped revs-up Woodford

GET CHOPPED Diner is proving a hit on week-ends, with cars and motorbikes rumbling in to Woodford from Friday to Sunday.

‘Get Chopped’ Diner owner, Darren Cardiff, is pleased with how things have progressed after he bought the business nearly two years ago, and continued operating it as a mechanic shop for six months.

“It took us a little while to understand what was best suited to the site, and over a few cold beverages we came to the conclusion that a community meeting place in the form of a diner really got our wheels spinning,” Darren mused.

A boilermaker by trade and a background in the mining industry is an unlikely mix for someone entering the hospitality industry, but the ‘Get Chopped’ Diner is about more than food.

‘Get Chopped’ started business in 2018 to raise funds for talented Aussie athletes through muscle car giveaways linked to merchandise sales.

The business has given away more than $300,000 in prizes and has sponsored six athletes, while at the same time growing a massive following on social media.

Darren recalled the first muscle car he restored was a 1978 XC Hardtop, recently won by Trevor Begg who resides in the New South Wales town of Batlow. A 1968 AMC Javelin is the latest project, with a hot rod and a Holden Monaro in between. 

Darren recently announced that ‘Get Chopped’ #4, to be drawn on September 4 this year, would be the business’s final giveaway as the focus shifts to ‘Get Chopped’ venues, the first of which calls Woodford home.

Darren sensed that Woodford was an ideal location for the first ‘Get Chopped’ Diner as car enthusiasts came from various areas in southeast Queensland, including Toowoomba, the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

“They love the scenic drive, and the diner suits as a great meeting place, and because of this we host car clubs from all around south-east Queensland,” Darren said.

On the food front, burgers and beer have been among the menu items as Darren deemed this the choice of fuel for car enthusiasts. Breakfast, pork skewers, golden prawns, chicken wings, a range of wines, and a children’s menu are also available.

For variety, Thai food has been added to the evening menu, with Darren’s wife Mai cooking up authentic Thai offerings to give locals another delicious option for local dining.

Sponsoring youtn  sportspeople has also become a vital part of ‘Get Chopped’, as Darren was concerned that a lot of talented sportspeople had quit due to a lack of funds.

Para-athlete javel in competitor Corey Anderson, who is off to the Tokyo Paralympics, has been among those to benefit from ‘Get Chopped’ sponsorship, as has a speed skydiver, a martial artist, boxer, motorcycle racer and race car driver.

One of the great things about the site is the large parking areas adjacent to Archer Street that become an impromptu show and shine for the locals on most weekends.

The diner is open from 10am Friday and then for breakfast, lunch and dinner until late Saturday and Sunday, with Friday evenings finding favour with the locals due to the gourmet cheese boards, specially selected wine list and authentic Thai offerings.

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