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3 December, 2021

Hall committee looks to better 2022

AFTER making the ‘tough’ decision last week to completely cancel its annual Christmas Carnival for the second year in succession, the Glamorgan Vale Hall Committee is hoping for a better 2022.

After a 'tough' 2021, the Glamorgan Vale Hall Committee is hoping for a better 2022

Brett Freese, president of the Hall Committee, said the only income the Committee received in the last two years was from its solar energy rebates.

“We were faced with the potential of running the Christmas Carnival in pouring rain, so we made the tough call to cancel, rather than have everyone trying to work in a quagmire,” Mr Freese said.

“We had to cancel the 2020 event because of Covid, and now we have lost this, rather than gamble on the change of weather.”

With many other events cancelling, including birthdays and other major milestones, Mr Freese said the hall committee still had to ‘pay the bills’ and keep the hall operating.

“We had a $4,000 insurance bill to pay, we could not miss that, but with no money coming in, the bank accounts are starting to look pretty thin.”

Despite the difficulties of 2020 and 2021, Mr Freese said planning was well underway for 2022, including the Easter Carnival.

“That is our other big community event, that and Christmas, so we are determined to have a great Easter.”

Mr Freese said the Committee was grateful for the support of Somerset Regional Council and other backers, with the Council approving a donation of $1,000 at the last meeting.

“We had originally asked for $550 but they upped it to $1,000, which is going to help pay the bills from the Christmas Carnival, and take some strain off our finances.”Mr Freese said.

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