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1 November, 2021

No word on staff shortages at local hospitals

With the deadline for medical staff to be fully vaccinated now passed, Queensland Health has yet to advise how many staff have been stood down at Esk, Kilcoy and Caboolture Hospitals.

Queensland Health is yet to confirm how many staff have been stood down from local hospitals for not being fully vaccinated against COVID

Requests for likely staff shortages were submitted to Queensland Health on Friday, a spokesperson said at the time no numbers were available as the deadline did not expire until midnight on Sunday, October 31.

The spokesperson said the number of staff stood down for not being full vaccinated would be provided this afternoon.

The request included the number and type of staff at each hospital, and any clinics, wards or services that would be impacted as a result of staff shortages.

Have you been effected by service closures or delays at Esk, Kilcoy or Caboolture Hospital today? Contact us here to tell us your story.

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