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19 October, 2021

Oh, Water Night: Unitywater takes on no taps challenge

No taps, no showers, no running water. Can you imagine?

Unitywater is encouraging households to take up the challenge of not using their taps for 12 hours on Thursday 21 October as part of the Water Night Challenge during National Water Week.

Unitywater Executive Manager Customer and Community Katherine Gee said with combined South East Queensland dam levels around 56% it was timely to think about the value of water.

“This challenge aims to improve water mindfulness and highlight how many times we reach for the tap without even thinking about it,” Ms Gee said.

“With water restrictions possible this summer, now is as important a time as ever to remember that water is a precious resource and we need to be mindful of how we use it.

“The recent rain hasn’t done too much to increase the dam levels. Water restrictions will be introduced when levels drop below 50%.”

Participants can fill empty bottles for drinking and one pre-prepared bucket of tap water prior to the event, which runs from 12pm to 12am.

Toilets can be used during the challenge, but reduced flushes are encouraged. Use of taps for COVID hygiene and religious reasons are also allowed.

“Water Night is a great way to get involved in a social event while gaining an appreciation for this precious resource,” Ms Gee said.

“We encourage participants to cover taps with tea towels or tape as a reminder not to use taps. And, as a bonus – you can take the night off from the washing up, but the kids will still have to use their water bottles to brush their teeth!”

It’s one of the ways Unitywater is building awareness around the value of, and access to clean water during National Water Week.

“Our Local Water Legends campaign encourages everyone to make small changes for a big, collective difference to protect dam levels in our region,” Ms Gee said.

To register for the Water Night Challenge and for more information including educational resources visit,

For water-saving tips to be a Local Water Legend, visit

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