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24 June, 2022

Residents call for Glamorganvale road repair

DAMAGE to Larkhill Boundary Road has left residents feeling like they are living in a ‘third world country’, after calls for repairs to Somerset Regional Council were ignored.

Gaylene Kruck (left) and Gail Wendt stand either side of the gully that has opened in Larkhill Boundary Rd, making it dangerous for two vehicles to pass side-by-side.

Gaylene Kruck said when she moved to her Larkhill property, she and her husband had to pay for the road to be built, but ongoing damage has left the road unsafe.

“It is just like living in a third world country sometimes, the council bitumened Wanora Road, but then stopped, when we asked if they would do our road, we were told they couldn’t, because it is floodprone, but this is dangerous.”

Mrs Kruck said earlier in the year, before the annual Easter Carnival, she had called to report a problem with Glamorganvale Road, only to be told it could not be done.

“But then another of our Hall Committee members called a councillor, and the job was done hours later.

“You try not to be hard on council staff, but you do get exasperated.”

Mrs Kruck said on Larkhill Boundary Rd, the road shoulders have been heavily gullied since February, is now dangerous.

“Also the culvert maintenance is way behind, they are heavily weed infested, so that water flows out and across the road, when we called to report it, a council staffer said ‘you should just slash it yourself’.

“There is no feedback on when the roads will be done, you never know what roads will be done.”

With a number of surrounding properties all owning horses, Mrs Kruck said two trailers meeting would be ‘disastrous’.

“If you are bringing a trailer or a float down the road, any other traffic has to stop and pull into a driveway to let you pass.

“If two trailers meet, it is disastrous, one finishes in the gully, and it has happened.

“We need someone to get out of their office and drive around in a normal car, not a four-wheel-drive, and see what the real problems are out here.”

Somerset Mayor Graeme Lehmann said council crews have been to Larkhill Boundary Road multiple times since the February flood event to carry out ‘temporary urgent repairs’ to make the site safe for commuter use. 

“Council is acutely aware of the severe flood damage throughout the entire 5,373 sq m Somerset local government area,” Cr Lehmann said. 

Mrs Kruck said residents just want to know if and when the road will be fixed.

“We were told we could straddle the gully, but that is too risky, you can get stuck or drop a wheel in, it is not safe.

“These problems predate the weather events, the new council budget means we will be paying more, but we are getting no benefit,” Mrs Kruck said.

Cr Lehmann said the council has approached the Queensland Reconstruction Authority to fund repairs in the region.

“Larkhill Boundary Road is one of hundreds of roads in Somerset being considered for inclusion in the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements on offer through the Queensland Reconstruction Authority,” Cr Lehmann said.

“When funding becomes available, Council will carry out more permanent repairs.”

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