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1 March, 2022

Residents warned to watch for mosquitos

Moreton Bay and Somerset residents are warned to watch out for mosquitos in the wake of the recent flooding event.

Moreton Bay and Somerset residents are warned to beware mosquito-borne diseases following on from last week's flood event

Dr John Gerrard, Queensland's Chief Medical Officer, said there was a risk of mosquito-borne diseases following the widespread flooding.

He said people could take simple but effective steps to minimise the risk of mosquito bites.

“Applying insect repellent, wearing loose clothes to cover arms and legs and wearing closed-in shoes can significantly increase protection against mosquito bites,” Dr Gerrard said.

“This is critical for people who may need to clean-up in and around their properties affected by recent rainfall and flooding because standing water allows mosquitoes to breed in large numbers.

“If it is safe to do so, people can reduce potential breeding sites by removing any standing pools of water around their house and yard, including clearing debris from ditches and filling in holes and vehicle wheel ruts.

“Most mosquito bites will result in no issues or symptoms, but it is important people speak with their doctor if they experience body aches, diarrhoea, headaches, fever, feelings of nausea, or any other notable symptoms.”

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