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25 February, 2022

Somerset Mayor urges caution

With a number of Somerset Regional Council roads closed due to flooding, drivers are warned to take care and drive to the conditions.

Drivers in the Somerset region are urged to drive to road conditions, and avoid any flooded roads

Graeme Lehmann, Somerset Regional Council Mayor, said the situation was changing all the time, and roads were being cut without warning.

"We have crews out putting up signage to warn people, but with so much rain falling, plus run-off from previous rainfall, there may be roads cut before we can get the signs in place," Cr Lehmann said.

"Please, if it is flooded, forget it. You don't know just how deep the water is, or what is underneath, there could be washouts or fresh potholes, it is not worth the risk."

Cr Lehmann said while signs are being put out as soon as crews can arrive, he urged drivers to use common sense.

"It is better to stop and turn around, and be safe, than to risk it and get into a dangerous situation. Even one centimetre of flowing water can take a car off the road, and if a surge comes through, it is totally unpredictable.."

Somerset Regional Council is posting a list of road closures as they are advised, Cr Lehmann said residents or travellers should check here for details.

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