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7 October, 2021

Support Everald's 'Ninety for Ninety'

EVERALD COMPTON has such a vivid recollection of, and healthy respect for, the small community of Linville, just west of Kilcoy that, to celebrate his 90th birthday, he is returning to the former timber town of his very early years to mark this major milestone.

Everald Compton is returning to Linville to celebrate his 90th birthday

His photo hangs in the lounge of the Linville Pub — a local boy who made it on the world stage.

Everald is the progeny of Herbert and Thelma Compton, who lived in a tiny four-room cottage in Linville with no bathroom. He was born on October 5, 1931, in a cottage hospital in Cecil Street, Toowoomba. Just weeks later, his mother returned to Linville with her newborn.

Little did they know their son was to make his mark across the globe — in marketing, fund-raising, politics and the supporter and instigator of massive railway projects.

Some years later the family moved further up the river to an even smaller timber town called Monsildale, and then to Toowoomba from where Everald ventured into an unknown world where he was to make his mark.

Everald’s 90th birthday bash in Linville is being nostagically described as “Ninety for Ninety”, it’s being held in the Linville Hall, which can hold only 90 people.

Tickets were sold-out within 24 hours of the invitation being emailed.

So, this Saturday, October 9, Everald Compton will commence his 90th birthday celebrations at 8am by walking from Linville to Moore on the Brisbane Valley Highway and return (a distance of 14km) along the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail.

This will be followed by a luncheon in the Linville Community Hall where a splendid country salad of ham, chicken, zucchini slice and bread roll, plus a nice piece of birthday cake, some cold punch, a bottle of beer or a glass of wine and tea or coffee awaits. 

Profit from the lunch goes to the Linville Progress Association, the organisers of the catering.

To quote Everald, “at some point during the lunch, you will hear some nostalgic banter from me, and I may be able to talk one or two others into saying nice things about me.”

Rest assured, Everald’s life story will be combined into this event. The devil is in the detail, it’s in his make-up.

For very many years Everald Compton has been involved with his church, the Aspley Uniting, of which he is an Elder.

An offshoot to his role within the Church is his Chairmanship of ACTS, the community service arm of his church, which makes financial grants to people anywhere in Australia who are going through tough times.

Last year the fund gave away $75,000 dollars in gifts directly to personal bank accounts of needy people. 

Those assisted included victims of domestic violence, elder abuse, homelessness, fires, droughts and floods. Partner churches across Australia put them in touch with those in need.

The author knows first hand the widespread extent of these donations, and of the valuable appreciation of the recipients,

Next year, ACTS intends to give away $100,000 dollars as the economic and social ravages of Covid19 hit hard. The success of Everald’s Walk will help achieve this.

This is Everald’s deal:

• Everyone is welcome to join him in his walk; if you do not wish to walk, please financially sponsor him.

• Walkers (yes, this is a family outing) please be at the Linville Railway Station at 8am to become a walking sponsor (no toilet enroute, but there are plenty of trees). You walk at your own risk.

• Non-participants in the long walk can join Everald’s wife, Helen, in a ‘stroll’ from the old Linville Railway Station to meet Everald and his team on the rail trail 1km out of town as he nears the end his walk (around 11am).

This will be celebrated at the pub with a beer before lunch.

Everald Compton has also written three books, and these will also be on sale on the day: A Beautiful Sunset, Dinner with the Founding Fathers, and The Man on the Twenty Dollar Note. They are available at one for $20, two for $35 and three for $50. Everald will personally sign all books purchased on the day.

It is understood Everald has been training for this walk for some months.

He will be wearing a shirt on the day that reads: “Where the bloody hell is Linville.”

This will be an eventful day in Linville’s history. Please support Everald on his return to Linville — and for ACTS that will ensure ongoing assistance for those truly in need. All donations are tax deductible.

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