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30 July, 2021

600 head at Moreton - market strong

BOYD O’BRIEN BARTHOLOMEW reported an increased yarding of 600 head at their moreton weekly live weight cattle sale on Tuesday, 27 July.

An outstanding line of heavy feeder steers came to hand and sold to dearer rates than last week’s market.

A quality yarding of cows also sold to a dearer market.

Light feeders and backgrounders met very strong competition from both local and travelled buyers. Grain fed cattle were in short supply and sold extremely well. Calves and vealers were also in strong demand.

Weaner Steers H Masen (Charolais X) 574.2c $1,191.

Vealer heifers Tonkoro Pastoral (Droughtmaster X) 461.2c $1,245.

12 month old Steers Pryde Pastoral (Santa) 561.2c $1,602.

14 month old Steers Tristan Bartley (Droughtmaster X) 509.2c $1,680.

Trade Feeder Steers A and S King (Droughtmaster X) 482.2c $1,883.

Trade Feeder heifers A and S King (Euro X) 470.2c $1,751.

Heavy Feeder Steers Maleny Black Angus (Angus) 512.2c $2,147.

4 Tooth Pasture Steers T Pickering and J Hudson (Droughtmaster) 406.2c $2,449.

4 Tooth Pasture heifers G and L Nugent (Droughtmaster) 406.2c $1,949.

Pens of heavy Cows Lakeside Farms (Santa X) 348.2c $2,703.

Pens of heavy Cows Yabba Pastoral (Santa X) 341.2c $2,006.

Medium Cows G and L Bischoff (Droughtmaster) 345.2c $1,803.

Pens of Medium Bulls Tonkoro Pastoral (Brahman X) 437.2c $1,582.

Heavy Bulls C and J Hewitt (Charbray) 354.2c $3,134.

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