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9 February, 2021

Kilcoy Farmers Qualify for Multimin Performance Ready Challenge

BRENDA KING of Glenfern was extremely excited to receive an email from Virbac recently congratulating her on being selected to take part in the Multimin Performance Ready Challenge.


Round 4 started on 1st of December 2020 and finishes on the 28th February 2021. This challenge involves collecting data on the use of Multimin within the herd. There are four rounds in the competition.

Brenda & Graham King are third generation farmers on their property at Glenfern. They run a beef cattle business on 700 acres with a self-replacing Hereford cross herd. They believe the animal’s health is optimal in productivity and have recently commenced using Multimin.

By participating in the Multimin Challenge Brenda said she hopes to identify key factors in maintaining animal health and growth. They will be using Multimin at weaning, prejoining and on feeder steers to monitor weight gains, calving rates and herd health.

Brenda is excited to be part of this great incentive and is hoping to share her knowledge within the community and beyond. Up to seventy-five farmers will take place in the challenge from all areas of Australia including dairy and beef farmers as well as sheep farmers.

Virbac mentor, Jess McGrath will be working with Brenda over the three months providing guidance on the use of Multimin.

Brenda has already posted several observations and data on the “Multimin Performance Ready Challenge” Facebook group. Head onto the group page to read more about how she is using these trace minerals to improve herd health.

The winner, judged by a panel, will be announced in April. There is also a National People’s Choice winner. Brenda is hopeful that our local community will be behind her.

“Great things have come from small communities and our local community is renowned for the energy and support they provide,” Brenda said.

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