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21 July, 2021

Lowood students set to shine on big stage

FORTY Lowood State High School (LSHS) students are ready to raise the roof at the school hall as they make their musical debut in a production titled ‘Trick or Treat’.

Halloween dancers strike a pose during rehearsals for the Lowood State High School musical Trick or Treat.

Many scenes and themes will be reminiscent of famous musicals including Mean Girls and Beetlejuice, as ‘Trick or Treat’ features an array of established components while also being original.

With black lights, confetti cannons and snow machines to enhance the occasion, students from every grade at LSHS are set to enthral, entertain and captivate the audience.

‘Trick or Treat’ script writer and director Kiera O’Neill, who teaches drama, music and dance at LSHS, was thrilled to see how much the performers and other crew had launched themselves into the project.

The dedication and enthusiasm of the prodigiously gifted performers and other crew have been evident in rehearsals since February, including sessions during lunch breaks, holidays and weekends.

“They’ve got to build up their energy and stamina,” Kiera said of the performers.

Kiera said that LSHS performers were poised to perform the musical Bring It On last year, with auditions and casting having been done, only for Covid-19 to prevent it from materialising.

“We had to figure out at the end of last year what we were going to do (in 2021),” Kiera said.

“I thought: what if we make our own?

“We thought of a Tim Burton musical, but we decided to use songs from all over the place, and make a storyline that suits.”

Having worked on the script for between three and four months, Kiera said that many of the song lyrics had to be rewritten in order to suit the storyline.

In addition to Mean Girls and Beetlejuice, components from other famous musicals that feature in ‘Trick or Treat’ include The Addams Family, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, and The Phantom of the Opera.

Describing the storyline of ‘Trick or Treat’, Kiera said: “It’s about The Plastics from Mean Girls.

“They go to a cemetery on Halloween night, and they find three tombstones with names on them, predicting their death.

“They have to find the Grim Reaper.”

Beetlejuice and Carrie White were among those who The Plastics encountered during their quest.

“Originally it was a Tim Burton style of musical,” Kiera said.

“Spooky, but we made it into a comedy as well.”

Many of the LSHS performers completed a Certificate III in Community Dance, Theatre and Events (Acting), featuring art showcases, vocal ensemble and dance troupes, but Kiera eagerly anticipated that the performers would relish a full-on musical.

“We were able to build ‘Trick or Treat’ around the amount of talent that we have among our students,” Kiera said.

Referring to many LSHS students in their final year of school, Kiera said that many were brilliant at singing, dancing and acting.

“We had to do a musical for them,” Kiera said.

“We want them to have that experience before they finish (grade 12).

“It enriches their school life, and it makes them want to come to school.”

Kiera said that the musical also made the students think about their actions and behaviour, with any student who incurred a suspension becoming ineligible for the musical.

‘Trick or Treat’ will be held at the Lowood State High School hall from 6.30pm on Friday July 30 and Saturday July 31. Canteen facilities will be available.

Limited tickets are available, and can be purchased from BSDDP.

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