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28 July, 2021

Mean Girls make their mark

LOWOOD State High School trio Lacey Schultz, Shayanna Andrews and Candice Pattemore are relishing their character roles as The Plastics from The Mean Girls, while they perform in the ‘Trick or Treat’ musical.

Lacey plays Regina George who is the queen bee, while Shayanna plays Karen Smith who comes across as nice and friendly but also rather dumb.

Candice meanwhile plays Gretchen Weiners, the gossip girl who comes from a rich family.

Lacey, Shayanna and Candice can’t wait to perform in the musical, having been among those to complete a Certificate III in Community Dance, Theatre and Events (Acting).

Lacey’s past activities also include Shakefest and a Talent Quest, with the grade 12 student saying she enjoys entertaining people and loves to perform.

Lacey said that the Regina George role was “very fun to play”.

“I have to create the standard from the movie Mean Girls, but also put my own twist on it to be more fitting to me and my personality,” Lacey said.

A fan of Hollywood films that were made in black and white, Lacey said her favourite movie stars include Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Doris Day and Gene Kelly.

Lacey said that after finishing grade 12, she sought to have an agent and to audition for movie roles as she wanted to make a career in the movie industry.

As she enjoys acting, dancing and singing, Lacey hoped to undertake a university degree in musical theatre.

Shayanna, who is also in grade 12, quipped that people told her she was a bit like her character from Mean Girls.

“Stupid, gullible and ditzy,” she said with a laugh.

Regardless, Shayanna said she loved playing the role.

“It’s really been fun to try to play a fictional character, and a challenge,” she said.

Shayanna named Harry Potter as her favourite movie, and she looked forward to using a line from one of the Harry Potter movies.

“This might be my last chance to sing, dance and act, so it’s a chance I didn’t want to miss,” she said.

Candice, who is in grade 10, also said she loved her role and that it was so much fun.

“She’s really sassy, and really preppy,” Candice said of Gretchen Weiners.

Candice relished having the chance to act, dance and sing, saying: “It’s great to have a bit of a challenge.”

Candice said she was a fan of musicals and the theatre, even if she couldn’t single out any favourites.

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