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28 July, 2021

The Ghost and the Gloomy Girl

LOWOOD State High School student Lexus King has found her role a bit out of her comfort zone while grade 12 colleague Mairead O’Dea has felt like she can relate to her own role in ‘Trick or Treat’.

As the ghost named Beetlejuice from the movie also titled Beetlejuice, Lexus has adapted to a wide array of guises, while Mairead’s character is Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family.

Throwing herself heart and soul into her diverse role, Lexus said it was intense to maintain a character that had such a variety of characteristics, including being eccentric but also evil.

“It’s hard to keep the character up with every different line,” Lexus said.

“One minute he’s sad, one minute he’s happy, and the next minute he’s sad again.”

Lexus said she loved the characters in Suicide Squad, and tended to compare the joker in that film to Beetlejuice.

“There’s a lot of similarities when it comes to personality and attitude, those sorts of things,” she said.

As she enjoyed singing and dancing but especially acting, Lexus said: “My overall dream is to have my own performing arts studio.”

Mairead also made special mention of Suicide Squad, particularly the role played by Margot Robbie.

Mairead meanwhile said of her character from the Addams Family: “She’s gloomy, and doesn’t really like anyone.”

Mairead said she enjoyed playing the role which she felt she could understand.

“I love performing. I take any chance I can, whether acting or singing,” she said.

A singer and guitarist outside of school, Mairead has done busking, been in competitions and played at private events.

Upon finishing grade 12, Mairead sought to study music at university and expand into acting.

‘Trick or Treat’ will be held at the Lowood State High School hall this Fridayand Saturday (July 30-31).

The school would like to thank sponsor Bendigo Bank Lowood for its generous contribution. Acknowledgements are also made to Kiera O’Neill, Kristie-Lee Doyle, Jason Coles and Loren Boundy for their contributions.

Tickets can be purchased from

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